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Your independence is important, and your occupational therapist in NJ helps you to hold onto it. Occupational therapists in NJ do a variety of tasks, working with everyone from young children to senior leaders of the community. But what kinds of problems can an adult occupational therapist address? Keep reading to find out!

Age In Place With OT Services in Englewood NJ
As you age, things change. Maybe you need those thick eyeglasses, maybe you walk better with a walker, but you want to keep on going as long as you can! For many seniors, this means changing and adapting the way you do things. Normal aging can slow you down, shorten your memory, and make movement harder, but there are usually other ways to keep enjoying your lifestyle. Your occupational therapist will help you devise tools to use your energy wisely, compensate for age-related memory decline, and accomplish physical tasks more easily.

Occupational Therapy Helps You Recover After Brain Injury
If you have survived a traumatic brain injury, you may related to a lot of the challenges outlined in the previous paragraph. But your changes aren’t age-related, and they may not be permanent. Working with an occupational therapist in NJ after TBI can help you regain your independence, keep up with other people your age, and return to doing what you love.

Try Occupational Therapy for Mental Health
Unlike physical therapy, occupational therapy can help with all sorts of challenges to independence and functioning, even when your physical body is intact. For millions of Americans living with severe depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or schizophrenia, being able to physically achieve tasks makes little difference when mood, hallucinations, or anxiety dig their claws in. Managing the work of everyday life is so hard for those with severe mental illness—fortunately, managing the job of living is what an occupational therapist is trained for.

Ready to reclaim your independence and function at your best? Call the Home Rehab Consultants today to see how occupational therapy services in NJ can help!