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Many parents these days are familiar with pediatric occupational therapists who work with children on sensory issues, adaptive behaviors, and everyday routines. But what do adult occupational therapy services in New Jersey look like, and what sorts of problems can occupational therapists help you with? Keep reading to see what OT can do for you!

Occupational Therapy For Memory Challenges

For people living with dementia, or for those who have suffered a brain injury, memory may be your biggest barrier. Fortunately, occupational therapy can help with memory challenges! Your occupational therapist in NJ will come to your home to help you devise ways to compensate for memory limitations as well as improving memory through activities and structure. The goal is to keep you living safely and independently.

Mental Health is Helped by Occupational Therapy Services in NJ

For those with severe mental health issues, everyday living is a full-time job. From managing sleep and meal planning, to keeping up with household chores, to finding the energy to socialize, major mental health concerns like depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and schizophrenia can rob people of their independence. Occupational therapy can help. Get back to doing what you love in spite of mental health concerns when you work with an occupational therapist in NJ.

Stroke Recovery with Occupational Therapy Intervention

After a stroke, you may find yourself with a number of new limitations. You likely have far less energy than you used to, things may hurt, and you may not have the motivation you once had. Occupational therapy can help you to find new ways to do things, different structures to help you with memory and concentration, and tools to help you feel more comfortable and secure.

If your health is preventing you from doing what you love, or even doing the daily activities of life, occupational therapy services in New Jersey can bring back the joy. Reclaim your independence, or help a loved on reclaim theirs, when you call the Home Rehab Consultants in NJ to ask about adult occupational therapy services.