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If you have suffered a change in mobility, your medical treatment team may refer you to see a physical therapist or occupational therapist in Englewood, NJ. In fact, many medical teams refer you to see BOTH a physical therapist AND an occupational therapist in NJ! Why so many treatments, and what’s the difference between the two? Expert physical and occupational therapists in NJ explain!

Physical Therapists in Englewood Explain Physical Therapy

Physical therapists perform important tasks to help their patients move their bodies. This involves the physical movements, stretching, muscle strengthening, balance, and more—all the elements that you need to move to do. Your physical therapist in NJ will work with you to determine the best tools to help you move better and do what you need to do.

Occupational Therapists in Englewood Explain Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist in NJ works to help you do the things you need and love to do. Whether physical, emotional, mental, or other limitations hold you back, your occupational therapist can work with you to find the best way around these barriers. Sometimes, this involves the same types of exercises and activities that occur in physical therapy, others may completely different!

Should You Seek Physical or Occupational Therapy in NJ?

If you’re wondering if PT or OT is right for you, talk with your medical team first. After all, they are the experts in the area! After that, your treatment team will help you to get set up with a skilled occupational or physical therapist in NJ, or wherever you live. In some cases, your rehabilitation specialist can come right to your home for the most convenient services ever.

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