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If a doctor has prescribed occupational therapy in Paramus for you or a loved one, you may have lumped it in with all the other therapies, especially if you have had a stroke, brain injury, or accident causing major injury. But what is occupational therapy, and what does an occupational therapy do to help you and your loved ones? Keep reading to see what OTs actually do!

Main Goal
The main goal of occupational therapy is to help you do what you want, however you can do it. As a result, OT goals are very different for each person! For example, a child participating in OT may learn skills to play on the playground, a retired chef may learn how to prepare his favorite meal again after having another stroke, or a dedicated mother may learn new and different ways to hold her new baby after a traumatic injury. Unlike physical therapy, which helps you to “move,” occupational therapy helps you to “do.”

How it Works
Occupational therapists in Bergen County use many strategies. One is helping you to work with your limitations, instead of seeing them as road blocks. They may teach you how to use a cane, or how best to dress yourself with a new prosthetic limb. They can teach strategies to help address memory and to promote self-care, promoting independence. And they can serve as strong, positive supports as you or your loved one adapt to a life that is different, but still vibrant.

How Long it Takes
Each person’s journey through occupational therapy will be different, as everyone has their own unique goals and challenges. When you meet with your occupational therapist in Paramus for the first time, you’ll review your needs, goals, and expectations, and the OT professional will share their recommendations for the length of treatment, which may be re-evaluated over time. You may overcome one challenge and decide to tackle another! OT is a very customized process, designed with you in mind.

Ready to start doing what you love again? If mobility limitations, stroke, weakness, memory challenges, or anything else is holding you back, call to schedule an appointment with an occupational therapist in Bergen County to learn new ways to work around it. The professionals at Home Rehab Consultants come to you, keeping you safe and comfortable during your recovery!

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