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When you’ve been injured, or if you have lost mobility due to a health condition, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy. NJ’s best physical therapists work at all sorts of different places, from hospital rehabilitation centers, to outpatient physical therapy clinics, to in-home physical therapy services. Which is right for you? For many people, in-home physical therapy offers the most benefits. Keep reading to see why in-home physical therapy from NJ’s best physical therapists may be right for you!

Don’t Drive to a Physical Therapy Clinic—NJ’s In-Home Rehab Specialists Come to You

Gas is expensive and driving takes time. So why bother? You have enough to do during your recovery, so let our in-home physical therapy specialists come to you instead. That means no battling the hot summer weather, no bundling up against the cold in the winter, and no need to get yourself in and out of the car.

Avoid Falls With NJ’s Best Physical Therapy in Your Living Room

Even though a majority of falls occur inside the home, some of the most dangerous and devastating ones occur outside the home. Do you want to dodge rain puddles this summer, or navigate the icy NJ roads in the winter? Especially during your recovery phase, you need to concentrate on getting well again. That’s why bringing a physical therapist right into your home is a good idea. You’ll be comfortable in your own environment and reduce the risks of having to move around too much before you’re ready.

Bring Advanced Physical Therapy Tools To Your Home

Many people wonder if they can see as much progress with in-home physical therapy as they would at a brick-and-mortar physical therapy clinic. The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, your physical therapist can bring advanced physical therapy tools to your home so you can recreate that healing setting. Exercises, therapy bands, steps, mats, and more are available for you to work with at home, under the guidance of your physical therapist.

The team at Home Rehab Consultants is committed to bringing the best in-home rehabilitation services to New Jersey. Talk with your medical team for recommendations, then call to set up your first appointment with your in-home physical therapist!