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Lots of people know how physical therapy services in New Jersey can help you move better, but did you know that physical therapy can help for constipation, digestive issues, and other stomach issues? If you suffer from IBS, chronic constipation, or a variety of other digestive and elimination disorders, you may benefit from working with a physical therapist in Rochelle Park who deals specifically with treatment of gut motility issues. Keep reading to get an idea of what your physical therapist may do!

Physical Therapy Helps Digestive Issues

Physical therapy helps you to move better—whether you need to move your leg, your arm, or your bowels! For those with digestive or GI concerns, sometimes it can help to add a little movement from the outside in. After consulting with your medical team, a physical therapist in NJ can help with digestive issues by showing you how to physically manipulate your gut from the outside in. Careful, specific massage and pressure on the outside of your abdomen can help to literally get things moving on the inside!

Learn To Relax While Toileting

For many people, the challenge while using the toilet is to fully relax all the muscles so that the body can eliminate naturally. After a visit to the proctologist or urologist, physical therapy clients are often instructed to seek out a physical therapist to help relax the pelvic muscles, “push” effectively and safely with the right muscles at the right times, and to breathe slowly and deeply while using the toilet to promote deep muscle relaxation. Your physical therapist in Rochelle Park will explain the purpose and intent of these strategies for your specific condition.

Exercise and Stretch

Often, your whole body health plays a role in your digestive health. If your body is stiff and sore, you may not be moving enough to get your system going. Working with a physical therapist in New Jersey can help you find suitable, tolerable exercises that can boost your metabolism and promote overall health.

Can physical therapy help with your digestive or gut issues? Always start any new health treatment at your primary care provider’s office; once you get a diagnosis, call Home Rehab Consultants to connect with a skilled in-home physical therapist in Rochelle Park!


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