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A stroke can end your life in many ways, including your social life. Speech therapists in Bergen County know that, for the most sociable and vocal of us, the loss of those speech capabilities can be like a life sentence to silence, trapping you and your valuable contributions inside. Fortunately, you can regain speech capabilities. Keep reading to find out how!

Speech Therapists in NJ Help You Make Sounds
For some stroke survivors, the physical process of speaking is very difficult. Your tongue may feel “too big” or clumsy in your mouth, your lips may not close as tightly as they used to, or you may have different capabilities on the left versus right side of your face. You used to know how to talk with your “old” mouth, now it’s time to re-learn how to speak clearly with your “new” condition. Your speech therapist in NJ can help you learn new or different ways to place your tongue, to use your breath, and to manage complications such as saliva or dry mouth, helping you to speak more clearly.

Memory Tools and Thought Organizing Tips From Speech Therapists
For other stroke survivors, you could read a list of ingredients with perfect elocution, but when it comes to placing the order for your favorite coffee, it’s like your brain goes blank. Your family may be frustrated by your new use of “thing” or “stuff” to replace most words, or you may be annoyed by all those thoughts that just seem to “escape” your mind before you can say them. Speech therapists in NJ don’t just focus on the physical production of speech, they can help with word-finding, short-term memory challenges, and organizing and planning your thoughts so they are clear again.

Did You Know A Speech Therapist Could Help With This?
Bonus question: Did you know that a speech therapist can help with feeding and swallowing issues? If you struggle with choking on food or water, excessive saliva (drooling), or certain types of persistent throat-clearing, especially after a stroke, a skilled speech-language pathologist can help.
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