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If you’ve been advised to work with a speech therapist in New Jersey, you have a lot of options. Usually, this advice comes from your medical team—for example, the doctors providing care after a stroke, your long-term disease specialist working with your progressive illness, or your primary care doctor who has noticed a change in your speech, swallowing, or communication capabilities. But with so many options, what should you look for in a speech therapist? Keep reading for tips to find the best speech therapist near you.

Does The Speech Therapist Near You Work With Your Age Range?
When you start looking for speech therapists, you may notice a big differentiation: some speech therapists only work with kids and toddlers, others work with adults, others work with seniors, and a few will work with people of all ages. You want someone who specializes in working with people of your age range, with your conditions. Your doctor may be able to recommend some great adult speech therapists.

Do You Want In-Home Speech Therapy in NJ?
While many speech therapists in New Jersey have private offices for clients to visit, the most popular place to meet is in your home. In-home rehabilitation services in NJ are so popular because they eliminate the need to travel, coordinate a busy schedule, and leave the comfort of your home. If your speech therapist is helping you work on daily living tasks such as memory or organization, in-home speech therapy can be even more useful as it occurs in the setting where you’ll use the tools.

The Importance of Fit With Your Private Speech Therapist
Finally, the fit between you and your speech therapist is of utmost importance. This is a person you will spend many hours with, and who you may need to be vulnerable with as you learn, or re-learn, how to use your tongue, mouth, and voice. The best speech therapist for you may not be the same one as others, so feel free to interview before choosing the best one.
Speech therapy in New Jersey can help you regain your communication skills and confidence. Schedule your appointment today!