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If you’ve been involved in a car accident, your doctor may ask you to start physical therapy with a physical therapist in New Jersey. In between surgeries, medications, insurance, time missed from work, and everything else you may be dealing with, is physical therapy really something you should focus on? Keep reading to find out why you should start physical therapy as soon as you can!

Physical Therapy In NJ Improves Healing and Recovery
The most important reason why you need to start physical therapy after your motor vehicle accident is because it is a proven, effective means of healing and recovering. That’s why people who have been in severe accidents usually start physical therapy in the hospital. But once you return home, it’s important to maintain your care, including in-home physical therapy. Don’t let a gap in treatment delay your recovery!

A Physical Therapist Near You Can Provide Support
Not only will a physical therapist in NJ help you move better, they will provide support through your recovery process. While your PT isn’t a therapist or counselor, they spend day in and day out working with people who have experienced mobility changes, just like you. They know the challenges you face, and can be a part of your support team.

Movement Improves Overall Health and Mental Health
Here’s another mental health boost—working with a physical therapist can get you moving and socializing, which can improve overall health, including mental health! Even if it’s painful at first, being able to move your body, exercise, and socialize more freely can help you live a fuller life. It’s hard to feel so isolated after an accident when you have a visit from a friendly physical therapist a few times per week!
Physical therapy services in New Jersey are some of the most important elements that drive a successful recovery after a major injury. Talk with your primary care and rehabilitation team to figure out your PT needs and find an in-home physical therapist from the Home Rehab Consultants in NJ today!