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If you’ve been referred for physical therapy in New Jersey, you know you have a lot of work to do. You probably want to get back on your feet, moving and engaging in life like you normally do—but can you try to recover too fast? Here’s how to tell if you’ve pushed too hard with your physical therapy activities.

Always Consult with Your Doctor Before Starting Physical Therapy in NJ

Before you think about pushing yourself too far, let the experts decide how far to push! One of the most important things that your physical therapy team in NJ will do is to coordinate with your medical or recovery team before starting services—and you should, too! In fact, regular communication and coordination with your physician and care team is vital to success in physical therapy, and can keep you from injury.

Physical Therapists Discuss: Pain Versus Discomfort

Speaking of injury, do you know the difference between pain and discomfort? Physical therapists in NJ work with patients to help learn the difference. Imagine you were in the best shape ever, and just ran a 5K marathon—don’t you think your legs would be sore? You probably wouldn’t want to run another marathon, or even climb a bunch of stairs. But your legs wouldn’t be broken or injured. This is an example of pain versus discomfort. Your physical therapist in NJ will help you to determine if you’re “just sore” and experiencing discomfort, or if your treatment is causing actual pain.

How to Communicate With Your Physical Therapist

Throughout your physical therapy journey, you must stay in close communication with your physical therapist. NJ’s best therapists are good at picking up on signs and cues of discomfort, but we are not mind readers! If you found yourself exhausted beyond belief after your last physical therapy session, struggling to move the following day, or unable to sleep due to pain, these are all things that should be shared with your physical therapist. On the same note, if you feel great and like you could go a few more rounds, let us know! We are always happy to adjust the intensity so it works best for you.

Physical therapy can be stressful and tiring, but it should not cause high levels of pain. If you are concerned with your pain or fatigue level after therapy, always talk to your physical therapist. NJ’s in-home rehab specialists at HRC are ready to take your call!