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“I’m just so tired all the time.” Does this sound familiar? New Jersey’s best occupational therapists hear this concern all the time, especially from our clients who have complicated medical histories, who have survived a brain injury or uncontrolled seizures, or those with chronic health conditions. Professionally known as “fatigue,” that feeling of excessive tiredness, worn-out-ness, or pure exhaustion can rob you of your most valuable time. Here’s how occupational therapists help!

OT Helps You Do What You Want
The most important thing to remember about occupational therapy in New Jersey is that it helps you to do what you want, and to manage the “work of living.” If you’re employed, this may mean finding ways to do your day job; if you’re retired or disabled, occupational therapy can help you do the “work” of everyday life—such as handling household chores, self-care, socializing, or doing hobbies.

Plan Your Time Wisely with Help From Occupational Therapists in NJ
One of the ways that an OT professional in New Jersey can help you manage fatigue is by helping you plan your time wisely. Do you have more energy in the morning? Mid-afternoon? Or are you a night owl? An occupational therapist can help you to modify your daily routines so you can tackle the most important tasks when you have the best amount of energy. Having a plan can help you try new approaches and see what works the best.

Manage Your Energy with Occupational Therapy Services in Bergen County
Many people with chronic health conditions or autoimmune disorders tell their occupational therapists that they feel like they only have a few spoonfuls of energy to spend each day. How can you decide what you should spend that energy on? Your occupational therapist can be your partner in figuring out how to manage your energy, how to utilize naps and rest breaks, and how to use tools that your primary care or rehab team has provided, like assistive devices or medications, to best maximize your energy.

Each person’s fatigue needs are different, and thus require a carefully-planned, custom course of occupational therapy. When you work with the OT professionals at Home Rehab Consultants, you get our full services from the comfort of home!