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If you’ve been told by your medical treatment team that you need to find an occupational therapist in New Jersey, you could be working on any number of medical rehabilitation goals. What does an occupational therapist do? In NJ, occupational therapists work with people of all ages to help them do what matters most. Let’s explore a typical day in the life of an in-home occupational therapist! The names in these examples are made up, but the OT interventions are real.

Morning: John learns to dress himself.

Some of the most common tasks that occupational therapists in NJ assist with are activities of daily living—things like dressing, bathing, brushing teeth, and caring for home. In this example, John has had a stroke, and struggles with weakness on his left side as well as memory issues. When the occupational therapist first started working with John, she helped him develop a checklist of the tasks he needs to do to dress himself to help with memory. Every week, they work on exercises to improve mobility and to get this task done despite John’s mobility limitations.

Noon: Hayden manages mental health.

After guiding John through the process of getting dressed, the occupational therapist drives to Hayden’s house. Hayden struggles with mental health, and finds everyday tasks like getting out of bed and dealing with anxiety overwhelming. When the occupational therapist visits, she and Hayden structure Hayden’s day and practice calming tools.

Evening: Terri makes her favorite meal.

Terri always loved to cook, but with dementia setting in, she gets confused and frustrated, even though her adult children make sure she is safe. Fortunately, today an occupational therapist visits her NJ home to help her make her signature lasagna recipe. The OT professional works with Terri on breaking down the task into small steps with time for rest breaks, and helps Terri explain some of her cooking secrets to the next generation.

If you have lost your ability to do what you love, what you want, or what you need to do, there is help available. Occupational therapists in NJ can help you to find the right tools and structure to live a life worth living, so call today!

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