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You never see your back, but if you feel it, it usually hurts! Back pain can rob you of your livelihood, enjoyment, and mobility, but you can fight back! Physical therapy for back pain is one of the best-known uses of physical therapy; in Englewood NJ, many people work with physical therapists in-home or at recovery facilities. Here are some great ways that physical therapy helps to reduce your back pain!

Active Treatments
Active physical therapy treatments are the best-known to most people. When you think of physical therapy, you probably think of stretches, movements, and maybe even massage. All of these are things that the person with back pain is doing. For our clients in Maywood, NJ, physical therapy looks a lot like this, helping clients to move more easily, reduce pain, and use their bodies in different ways. Your physical therapist may have you stretch or build muscle strength, or may recommend some general aerobic exercise for whole-body health. A great thing about physical therapy is that you can do many of your rehab exercises from home!

“Passive” Treatments
For some issues, another treatment is needed. Physical therapists often call these “passive” treatments, because the physical therapy client isn’t breaking a sweat. These treatments may be familiar, such as the use of heat or ice packs to reduce swelling and promote good blood flow. A TENS unit, a small device that delivers mild electrical stimulation, can be very helpful for many people—and your physical therapist will show you how to use it correctly. In some cases, your physical therapist may also use ultrasound treatment to deliver ultrasonic waves through your painful areas. Depending on the types of passive treatments your physical therapist uses, you may need to visit a physical location, but most passive treatments can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to tackle that back pain today? Call now to set up an appointment for physical therapy in Englewood NJ. Physical therapy for back pain has been proven effective, and can get you feeling better fast!

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