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Many people wonder how they will know if they need physical therapy. In Bergen County, physical therapy clients have access to excellent services, including home rehabilitation services. But what tells you to pick up a phone and call a physical therapist in Bergen County? These four signs are usually what gets people to set up treatment.

1. Rehabilitation after surgery.
If you have had heart surgery, back surgery, or surgery on limbs, you may find yourself struggling to move like you did. Sometimes this means you struggle to run your usual marathons, other times it can mean that you struggle to run yourself a bath. No matter what level of physical mobility challenges you are experiencing, the experts can help with strengthening exercises and tools that can help you move better.

2. Recovery from injury.
Physical therapists in Bergen County help clients to recover from all means of injury, such as broken legs or hips, recovery from falls, and even some traumatic brain injuries. If your injury has caused you to struggle to move, physical therapy can help. In addition to your regular medical treatment to address the problem, a skilled at-home therapist will guide you through exercises and movements that can help you recover faster and move more easily.

3. Help manage pain.
One of the most popular applications of physical therapy today is to assist with pain management. Medical professionals continue to do research to understand how physical therapy addresses pain, but many people say that their pain can improve with physical therapy. This is especially true for chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries. By moving your body in different ways, you will see different results, and hopefully feel more comfortable.

4. Because your doctor said so!
Has your physician advised you to participate in physical therapy? Sometimes, physical therapists in Bergen County meet with patients who aren’t sure what they need, but their doctor has recommended physical therapy. Even if you’re not sure why your doctor has recommended this, call an expert! The best providers of physical therapy in Bergen County don’t just work with you, they coordinate with the rest of your medical team to ensure that you are getting accurate, efficient treatment to move as well as possible.
Ready to get moving again? Enjoy physical therapy at home in Bergen County when you work with a home rehabilitation consultant. Call today and enjoy the fullest range of motion in the future!