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Do you want to live your best life? Do you want to make sure that your aging parent or other loved one lives her or his best life? An occupational therapist in Englewood, NJ can help you do just that! Like physical therapy, occupational therapy helps you to recover from injury, illness, or other decline in functioning. However, while physical therapy is focused more on the physical body, occupational therapy focuses on the function—being able to take care of daily tasks, stay safe at home, enjoy themselves, and feel independent. Here are some ways that occupational therapy can help you!

Do What Matters
What do you love doing the most? Are you an avid golfer? An expert in the kitchen? Many people who have survived injuries or illnesses notice that their hobbies, passions, and recreational tasks are the first things to go. An occupational therapist in NJ can help you regain your ability to do what matters by identifying the challenges and limitations, and helping you to develop strategies to overcome or work with these.

Stay Active
Your doctor has probably told you this, but it bears repeating: Active people usually live longer and feel better while they do! However, if you have experienced a change in mobility or ability, you may struggle to stay active. Don’t limit yourself due to changes in functioning—call an occupational therapist in Englewood now and get back to doing what you love, with the confidence you used to have!

Boost Mood
Occupational therapy is not a substitute for mental health services, but if you are feeling down and depressed about your physical health, anxious about your ability to care for yourself, or frustrated that you need help with things you used to do on your own, an occupational therapist might help to address the root cause of the problem. Not only will your skilled occupational therapist visit your Englewood home for in-home services to help you regain your abilities, they will provide emotional support to help you feel at peace with your highest level of functioning.

Stay Safe
Is your home as safe and functional as possible? For many who have lost mobility due to stroke, age-related physical decline, or illness, your safe home can feel full of dangers. Occupational therapy can help to modify your home to promote independence and safety, such as reducing fall risks, modifying the environment for a wheelchair user, or establishing safety plans.

Reduce Caregiver Requirements
Are you caring for a loved one with mobility problems? An occupational therapist in Englewood could reduce some of the burden. Not only will an occupational therapist work directly with your loved one to build self-care skills, we work directly with seniors to develop a custom rehabilitation plan to improve functioning as much as possible. Enjoy reduced caregiving needs and spend more time having fun with your loved ones instead!

Home rehabilitation services are vital for anyone with mobility issues. Hiring an in-home occupational therapist in Englewood NJ can be the first step to improving your life and the life of those you love! Find out how we can help today when you call for a custom rehabilitation plan.