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Anyone who has suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other condition and needs rehabilitation services in New Jersey knows how hard these can be to access during a pandemic! Even if your local offices are open, are you willing to expose yourself to the risk of being out, especially at a medical facility? At the same time, savvy healthcare consumers know very well that these services work best when done sooner and with regularity… so how can you start or maintain your progress? Home rehabilitation services are the perfect answer. Skilled home care companies like Home Rehab Consultants in NJ can come right to your home! Read on to find out the additional benefits you’ll get when you coordinate your rehabilitation services at home!

Immune Protection
The consensus is clear: if you have immune challenges, you need to stay extra safe during this pandemic! This is especially true for people who have suffered recent health exacerbations, such as heart issues, cancer treatment, or immune disorders. One of the best ways to limit your exposure is to stay safe at home—and get your services at home as well! Fortunately, our skilled physical therapists in NJ are able to come directly to you, reducing your risk of exposure to COVID-19 and keeping you safer.

Reduced Transportation Needs
Transportation is a challenge for anyone who cannot drive themselves, but during the pandemic, many public transportation options are no longer available. Waiting for important physical therapy services could leave you with permanent limitations, so getting care is vital! When you arrange for in-home rehabilitation services in New Jersey, we come to you. Never let transportation get in the way of getting the services you need!

Maintain Your Independence
Physical needs are not the only important needs during this pandemic! You need to feel independent and in control, at least over what you can with this much uncertainty. So don’t wait for family or friends to take you to your appointment! Working with a skilled team of in-home rehabilitation providers allows you to take your care into your own hands, improve your daily functioning, and maintain your independence.

Effective rehabilitation care is important at any time, but even more so during challenging, stressful times. This pandemic is certainly both, so don’t delay to address what you can! Help yourself or your loved one get back to functioning and set up home care today.