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When you think about it, walking on two legs is just unnatural! Aside from birds, humans are some of the only creatures that walk on two legs, risking falls compared to our four-legged friends. Fall injuries are some of the most common each year, and can come with majorly limiting complications. If you have fallen and had an injury, physical therapy should be your next step! Keep reading to find out why.

Falls and Lower Limb Injury

One of the most common injuries after a fall is an injury to your lower limb—a broken ankle, sprained knee, smashed up foot, or something else. If you’re lucky, this can be a mild injury that can be treated at home, but for the unlucky ones, a fall can lead to a lower limb injury that requires surgery, casting, or a recovery period using a CAM boot or other walking device. After recovery, you’ll need to get that limb used to doing its full job again, and a physical therapist in NJ is the perfect person to help!

Falls and Deconditioning

Even a minor break or sprain can lead to significant deconditioning. If your limb must be immobilized for a period of time, like the traditional 6-week cast or boot, you’ll notice that it is smaller, weaker, and less mobile after that cast or boot comes off. Even if you’ve been resting in bed, your unused limb will be weaker than before—this can cause more falls! Before you return to your regular routine, you’ll want to rebuild that strength again. Working with a physical therapist in NJ can help you learn safe, effective ways to strengthen your limb again.

Falls and Balance

Now for the big question: Why did you fall in the first place? Unless you enjoyed that fall (and all that recovery) you need to figure out what caused it, and address that problem carefully. For many people, balance issues, foot or leg problems, or other conditions can increase the risk for falls. Physical therapy is a proven effective tool to prevent falls, and most major health insurances cover it! If you keep falling, work with a skilled physical therapist in NJ to improve your balance.

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