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If you’ve suffered an injury or illness, your doctor may send you for physical therapy in Englewood, NJ. Many people are surprised by this recommendation, especially when they have found no relief from surgery or medication. Keep reading to see how physical therapy can help when other treatments can’t!

Reduce Painkillers When You Attend Physical Therapy in NJ
One of the biggest changes in the medical field in the past 10 years is the goal to reduce opiate pain medications, especially for chronic pain conditions. Even when taken only as prescribed, these pain medications can cause physical dependence, which means that the body needs more and more of them to get the same pain relief. This can lead to addiction and dangerous side effects, which is why savvy doctors in NJ use physical therapy and other tools to help manage pain. By increasing your mobility and strength, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the need for some painkillers!

Should I Try Physical Therapy Before Having Surgery?
If you have problems with your back, knees, shoulders, or other body parts that do a lot of work, you may have injured yourself, either acutely, or due to repetitive stress. Are you hesitant to go “under the knife?” For many conditions, physical therapy can be an alternative to surgical correction, or can help you postpone a surgery. NJ’s best physical therapists can lead you through carefully-planned exercises that allow you to rebuild strength without further injury, and to improve your quality of life.

How Do I Know What Physical Therapy Services Are Right For Me?
Physical therapy is science, not magic, which means that you need an expert in physical therapy in NJ to guide your care! Usually, you start with your medical team, including your primary care provider, surgeon, or orthopedic specialist, for example. They may refer you for physical therapy treatment and will coordinate with your physical therapist in Bergen County for your care.

If you live with chronic pain or a long-term injury, pain meds and surgery are not your only options! Physical therapy services in NJ have helped hundreds of people regain their mobility and enjoy life, and the physical therapists at the Home Rehab Consultants can help you move better as well.