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Occupational therapy services in New Jersey help you to do what you love. But how do they work? Most people think of their workplace or job when they think of their occupation, but it can be better to think of “how you are occupying your time.” An occupational therapist in New Jersey can help you occupy your time with the things that matter most!

Occupational Therapy For Seniors

As we age, things change. As a senior in your community, you may notice that you don’t walk as well as you used to, more things seem physically out of reach, and you sometimes let things slip—a bill here and there, that part of the house that just doesn’t get cleaned. With less energy and mobility than you used to enjoy, things aren’t as easy as they used to be! Fortunately, occupational therapy services can help. Expert occupational therapists in NJ can help you find ways to budget energy, adapt to your body, and get done what needs to be done—from aging in place, to planning an amazing weekend with the grandkids.

Manage Mental Health With OT Services in NJ

People living with mental health conditions are usually familiar with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. But are you aware of occupational therapy services for depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions? When your mental health gets in the way of doing what needs to be done, or what you love, it can make your mental health work. Occupational therapists in NJ can help you find the structure, routine, and tools to manage activities of daily living again. Whether you’ve just been released from your first inpatient psychiatric stay, or if you have dealt with mental health lifelong, occupational therapy for mental health can help.

Manage Long COVID Symptoms With Occupational Therapy Services

Science is still exploring the realities of “long COVID,” which often includes severe fatigue and “brain fog,” with problems concentrating, remembering, and getting up and going. How can you find your old routine again—or something close? Occupational therapy services can help you to structure your day, do what you do best, and return to what you love.

Ready to stay occupied with your favorite tasks all day? In-home occupational therapy services in New Jersey can be a part of your recovery plan. Talk with your medical team, then call the Home Rehab Consultants in New Jersey to get started!