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If you suffer with chronic pain, you are not alone. This condition affects millions of Americans, and as more and more people realize how dangerous opioid painkillers can be, more are turning to physical therapy in Englewood to relieve their pain in a different way. But how can PT reduce your pain? Keep reading to find out!

Stretch and Mobility

One of the time-tested tools of physical therapy is using physical stretches and exercises to help you increase your range of motion, improving your mobility. This doesn’t just help the affected body part, but helps you use your body better to avoid that pain and continue doing what you love.

Move Differently

Speaking of mobility, physical therapy in NJ often involves learning how to move differently. Correcting a slouch, addressing a weak side, or finding ways to use other muscles or body parts can not only reduce pain, but help you to recover from certain medical conditions.


Many physical therapists in Englewood perform targeted massage as part of their treatment. While this is similar to the relaxing massage you may get at a massage office, remember that physical therapists are specifically trained to address mobility and movement challenges, so this may look a little different.

TENS and More

Depending on the nature of your pain, your physical therapist in NJ may prescribe a TENS unit, a device that sends mild electrical signals through your muscles. This isn’t a “shock,” but rather a tool to interrupt the pain signals that your brain gets from the rest of your body. Other tools, like self-massaging wands and mobility devices, may also be recommended.

Chronic pain is usually caused by multiple problems, and often requires a wide set of interventions to improve. If you suffer with chronic pain, talk with your treatment team about adding physical therapy! If you can see medical benefit, call the experts in physical therapy in Englewood at Home Rehab Consultants to start your recovery plan.

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