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Whether you have suffered an injury, illness, or are dealing with age-related changes to your physical condition, physical therapy in Englewood, NJ can help. But how do you know what to ask for, and what do you really need to know before starting PT? These questions can help you to be more informed and get the most out of your treatment plan.

1. Have you spoken with my care team and reviewed my records?
Typically, physical therapy is ordered by your primary care doctor, or the lead medical provider overseeing things like surgery, stroke recovery, or other underlying conditions. Your physical therapist should be aware of this information and should have reviewed any available info in order to make the best physical therapy treatment plan.

2. How long should this take?
Don’t hesitate to ask your physical therapist in Englewood how long your treatment course should be! While there is no guarantee, and some people work faster or more slowly than others, they should be able to provide an estimate. This question can refer to daily or weekly activities (how long should I stretch?) as well as your overall recovery (when will I be done with physical therapy?).

3. What are my realistic limits after treatment?
In an ideal world, physical therapy services in NJ could get you back to better than before! In real life, major injuries, progressive illness, or disease can leave limitations even with the best treatment. Discuss these limits with your PT provider before starting services so you’ll know what to expect.

4. How should I feel during/after exercises?
Is it okay for your physical therapy exercises to be painful? When should you discontinue an activity and seek help? How do you know when you can push yourself to the next level? All of these are important questions to discuss with your physical therapist in Englewood.

Ready to recover? For the best physical therapy in Englewood, NJ, talk with your treatment team, then call the Home Rehab Consultants to find a physical therapist near you!