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If you or a loved one have had a stroke, your ability to communicate may have changed. You don’t have to live with these limitations forever—a speech therapist in New Jersey can help you express yourself clearly again. How do they do it? Read on to find out how speech therapy helps after a stroke.

Produce Words Clearly
The number one result that most speech therapy patients want is to speak more clearly! When you work with a skilled, home-based speech therapist in Morristown, you’ll work with your speech therapist to move your lips, tongue, teeth, and mouth properly, as well as inhaling and exhaling at the right times, to make your communication clear. For those who have had a stroke, this can be a challenge, especially if you deal with lingering facial paralysis or muscle weakness. That’s why you need the help of a skilled speech-language pathologist.

Memory Tools
Fortunately, speech production isn’t the only thing your speech therapist will work with you on. After stroke, many people experience challenges to memory and concentration. Your speech therapist in NJ can help you to rebuild memory and devise strategies to focus better during the course of speech therapy. Activities, games, and other practice tools may be prescribed.

Conversation Skills
Conversation requires clear speech production, enough memory and concentration to stay on topic, and strong receptive and expressive language capabilities. Did you know that a speech therapist in Morristown can help you with all of these things? If making conversation used to come easily for you or a loved one, but the line goes silent after the stroke, speech therapy can help to rebuild these skills and keep relationships strong.

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