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Many people find that they need a combination of skilled providers in New Jersey for physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation services, chiropractor services, and more after they have suffered an accident or stroke. Your primary care provider and medical treatment team may have given you suggestions and recommendations, but how do you know which is which? One of the most popular questions that people ask when they look for a physical therapist in Bergen County is “what’s the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist?” We’ll share the differences today so you can understand your treatment plan better.

How are a chiropractor and a physical therapist alike?
Chiropractors and physical therapists in Cresskill both address your physical body, using movement to help you feel better, move better, and enjoy your life. Both may ask you to do certain types of exercises or stretches, and may use their hands or other tools to show you how to use your body differently. Both are registered professionals in New Jersey, and must abide by strict health regulations.

How are a chiropractor and a physical therapist different?
A chiropractor is an expert on spine and joint issues, and adjusting these. These professionals can help address posture issues, spinal irregularities, and help you find ways to reduce pain and increase mobility through chiropractic services, which usually involve hands-on manipulation of your body. A physical therapist is an expert on helping you move better, approaching your needs from a whole-body perspective, and typically assigning “homework” in the form of exercises, stretches, and activities.

How do I know which one I need?
Many people visit both a chiropractor and a physical therapist in Cresskill! It all depends on your unique medical needs and treatment plan. Discuss with your doctors, and make sure to let all providers know what sorts of rehabilitation and treatments you are involved in. Your physical therapist in Englewood NJ may want to coordinate with your chiropractor to help you get the best results.
We hope this gives you a more clear understanding of how chiropractors and physical therapists differ. If you are looking for a skilled physical therapist in Englewood to help you improve your mobility, call Home Rehab Consultants and enjoy physical therapy services at home!

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