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Long COVID is making the news more and more these days, and speech therapists in NJ are taking note. While there is still little clear medical consensus on long COVID (or anything to do with COVID-19, for that matter), what most people are describing is ongoing, excessive shortness of breath, fatigue, “brain fog,” problems with memory and concentration, and a feeling of disorganization and getting easily overwhelmed. These symptoms persist even after the individual tests negative for COVID-19, and no clear “cure” or medication has been proposed so far.

Fortunately, speech therapy is a strong contender for rehabilitation—just as it has been used for many years to help people rehabilitate after strokes, long bouts with pneumonia, or other illnesses. Here’s how.

Speech Therapy in NJ Improves Memory
Memory is one of the biggest problems faced by sufferers of long COVID. Usually, this is in terms of short-term memory and concentration, or “getting the information in.” You got up and walked into the next room, but why? You got in the car and turned it on… but where were you going? Where did the keys go? What was I supposed to do? If you struggle with any of these concerns after having COVID, working with a speech therapist in NJ can help. Guided practice and exercises can help you learn tools to boost memory, improve concentration, and trigger your brain to remember what you want it to.

Express Yourself Confidently While Working With A Speech Therapist
Speech issues after COVID are driven by a number of causes. Some are memory-based, as discussed above. Others report difficulty speaking because they are so out of breath they can’t say more than a few words without stopping to breathe, or can only speak very softly. Speech therapists in NJ can help you find ways to breathe more smoothly, to plan out your sentences, and to speak without as much effort, so you can speak clearly and confidently.

Plan and Organize with Help From NJ’s Speech Language Pathologists
If you feel “scattered” after long COVID, your challenges may be in terms of planning, organizing, and managing affairs. You may have numerous to-do lists, calendars, notebooks… all in various states of disarray. You need a skilled rehabilitation specialist to help sort it out and develop a system for future success. Speech and occupational therapy are vital tools in these domains, and both are available in-home when you work with the Home Rehab Consultants!

Don’t let long COVID keep you isolated and silent! Call the Home Rehab Consultants today to see how a speech therapist could help your recovery.