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As winter weather moves into Bergen County, physical therapy becomes a vital part of being able to move! Not only does cold weather add layers of preparation and clothing to your daily routine, it can keep you from moving and bring down your mood. Fortunately for those in Bergen County, physical therapy can help—and can be done from the comfort and warmth of your very own home! Read on to see how physical therapy builds mobility and helps to beat the winter weather blues!

Confidence on Ice
No, this isn’t a new musical—we’re talking about your personal confidence navigating the slushy, slippery, icy roads that we often see in Bergen County! Physical therapy can help you to learn fall prevention techniques and build mobility so you feel more comfortable. Get back to your daily walk, check the mail without fear, or just feel safer in general when you participate in physical therapy.

Ease Aches and Pains
Many people report that old injuries and tired joints tend to ache with winter weather. For many people who live with chronic pain, physical therapy can be an important part of finding relief. After discussing your medical history and physical therapy needs, an expert physical therapist can often help you to find stretches that relieve pain, or can help to work on mobility and positioning changes that can reduce your most painful moments.

Get Back in the Gameå
Are you missing out on the things you used to enjoy due to mobility challenges? Many aging adults think they’re just “too old” or “too sick” to enjoy doing what they used to. However, if you work with a skilled physical therapist, you may enjoy a return of your mobility! While you may never take your body back to pre-injury status, or feel like you’re a teenager again, expert services can help you move better and feel better.
Ready to start moving better today? Don’t feel obligated to leave your home during the chilly weather in Bergen County—physical therapy can come to you when you contact Home Rehab Consultants!