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Speech therapists in New Jersey treat a number of different conditions, ranging from helping kids learn to speak correctly, to helping build memory after a TBI, to helping people of all ages express themselves effectively. If you have survived a stroke, you may have many different rehabilitation services to set up. Has your doctor suggested working with a speech therapist? Keep reading to see what speech therapists do for people who have had strokes.

NJ’s Best Speech Therapists Help You Pronounce Words Clearly

For many people who have survived a stroke, things are a little different after recovery. You may experience facial drooping or low muscle tone that makes it very difficult to speak, or to speak clearly. Regain your confidence and pronounce words properly when you work with a speech therapist in NJ. Through practice and strengthening exercises, we can help you speak clearly again—and sometimes, to speak like you used to.

Work With A Speech Therapist Near You For Memory and Planning Tools

Even if the physical side of your health is relatively strong, you may notice new changes to memory, concentration, organization, and planning after a stroke. You may seem more “forgetful” or have a more difficult time structuring and planning your sentences, resulting in stuttering, “halting” speech with many stops and starts, or sentences that don’t quite make sense. Speech therapists in NJ can help you to plan and structure your communication so it is clear and logical, and will share tips to make your speech more organized and fluent.

SLPs in New Jersey Help Swallow Safely and Manage Saliva

What are speech therapists experts on aside from talking? Most things involving the tongue, mouth, and throat—including issues like managing saliva and swallowing safely. For those who find themselves “choking on nothing,” drooling, or coughing for no medical reason, speech therapists in New Jersey can help you learn new tools to manage swallowing safely and handling saliva. Every person’s stroke recovery is different, which is why it is so important to coordinate with your medical team and the expert in-home speech therapists at HRC. Call today to start your speech therapy!