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Are you looking for the best physical therapist in New Jersey? There are lots of rehab specialists working across the state, including those who see people in-person, and those who perform physical therapy in-home. No matter where you choose to have your physical therapy services performed, keep these major mistakes in mind and find a new physical therapist if any of these things happen!

Ditch Your Physical Therapist if He or She Doesn’t Listen To You

One of the most important things during your recovery is to feel heard, supported, and understood. If your physical therapist doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t seem to care, or ignores your requests, fire them! Your physical therapist should work closely with you and your medical team to provide the best and most informed care—including attending to your preferences and concerns.

Find a New Physical Therapist in NJ if Yours Goes “Ghost”

The best physical therapy services in New Jersey should be consistent and predictable. After all, your body needs regular movement to stay in its best shape. So if your PT has gone into “ghost mode” and isn’t returning your calls or emails, or not showing up for appointments, you need a new physical therapist!

Should Physical Therapy Be Painful?

While your physical therapist should never try to hurt you on purpose, the process can cause some discomfort. After all, you’re pushing your body to recover from injury or illness, and change takes work! Before starting any intervention, your physical therapist should be able to tell you what to expect, what “normal” levels of discomfort would be, and what signs would tell you that you need to stop. If you ever feel like you are doing more damage, or if your therapist dismisses your concerns, stop services with that therapist and seek a second opinion.

Your needs and recovery should be your physical therapist’s top concerns. If you observe any of these warning signs, or just don’t feel comfortable, find a new physical therapist. If the fit isn’t right, the same organization can often match you with someone else.