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If your doctor has ordered you to find physical therapy in New Jersey, you probably have a lot of questions. But which questions should you have ready for your physician, and which are best for your physical therapist? In Englewood, NJ, physical therapy can even be completed right from the comfort of your own home when you work with skilled home rehab providers, so make sure to ask carefully! Here are some of our favorite questions.

1. What are your credentials?
The best physical therapy in Paramus comes from skilled providers! At Home Rehab Consultants, all of our therapists are appropriately licensed and credentialed to provide the most evidence-based, skilled physical therapy treatment.

2. How do you coordinate with the rest of my care team?
Coordination with your surgeons, primary care physicians, and other care team members is part of an excellent recovery. When you come for physical therapy in NJ, you are likely already working with many other professionals. Make sure that your physical therapist is in frequent contact with these other care team members for the best outcomes.

3. How long should my treatment take, and what will it entail?
Your physical therapy is meant to help you, so you need to know the details. After your physical therapist has reviewed your records from other medical providers and evaluated your physical condition, make sure to get a clear idea of the scope of your physical therapy treatment, including how long it will take and what will be involved.

4. What sorts of improvements can I expect to see?
Finally, be realistic about your future. Talk with your physical therapist to see what benefits you can expect, what improvements you can hope for, and what modifications you may need to make to your daily routine.
Ready to start looking for a physical therapist near you? From Paramus to Englewood, physical therapists from Home Rehab Consultants are waiting for your call!

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