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Occupational therapy is a strong tool, but not as well known as others. Occupational therapists work with infants, children, adults, and seniors to help them do the things they want to do. While most people think of occupational therapists working with children on the autism spectrum, those with spinal injuries, or recoveries after broken bones, here are 4 things you probably didn’t realize your occupational therapist could help with!

The pain from the injury, long recovery time, and lasting scars can limit your movement. Fortunately, occupational therapists in Englewood NJ can help you regain this movement—including moving in ways you forgot you could! Occupational therapy can also help to manage scars and keep you moving, an important part of any recovery.

Sensory Processing Disorder
Sensory processing challenges aren’t just for kids! For adults with a sensory processing disorder, the world can be too loud, too bright, or too boring. If you live in Morristown, occupational therapists can come right to your house to help you manage these sensory inputs and navigate the world with confidence.

Lost Limbs
Losing a limb to injury, diabetes, or other conditions can take a huge toll on your life. Maintain your independence with occupational therapy! Your therapist will work with you to find ways to do what you love—even if you are missing a leg, arm, hand, or eye. If you have been prescribed assistive devices or prosthetics, your occupational therapist can help you learn how to use these effectively.

Mental Health
Remember how the goal of occupational therapists in NJ is “to help you do what you want to do?” For millions of people, depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems interfere with doing anything! A skilled occupational therapist can help by giving you tools to build self-awareness, to pace yourself, and to exercise in ways that boost your mood and energy level!

If your health interferes with doing what you want to do, don’t suffer silently! Find a skilled occupational therapist in Englewood who can get you back to doing what you love!

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