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As COVID precautions lift, many people are excited to get out of the house again! But you may be happier with in-home physical therapy services in Bergen County, even if you “can” go out. Keep reading to find out why rehab at home can be a better choice!

Conserve Time and Energy

For many people with physical injuries or limitations, energy is a very limited resource. Even more, you lose hours of your day already due to having to attend more appointments, do things differently, or due to fatigue. So why waste that time getting yourself to and from the physical therapist’s office? We meet you at your home, so that your PT time is the only time you spend.

Reduce Travel Burdens

Not only is time valuable, but travel has many other costs. Gasoline just keeps getting more and more expensive, and driving puts additional wear and tear on your car. Depending on your needs and whether you are still driving, you may also have to request the assistance of family and friends, or may need to hire a cab or call for rideshare. All those costs add up, and your insurance usually won’t cover them! They usually will cover in-home physical therapy in Englewood, so take advantage of these valuable services!

Practice At Home

The final reason you may be happier with in-home physical therapy services is because you can learn and practice your PT exercises at home, where you’ll be doing them regularly. It can be one thing to figure out how to stabilize yourself safely at a clinic or therapy office, entirely different at home. By working with an in-home rehabilitation specialist, you can feel confident that your at-home practice will go just the way it is supposed to.

Nobody ever wants to do physical therapy, but if you have injuries or illness that have robbed you of your mobility, you have lots of options, including in-home rehab! Call the expert in-home physical therapists in Englewood today at Home Rehab Consultants.

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