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The holiday season is here, and the biggest and most festive are yet to come! For many of the speech therapy clients that the team at Home Rehab Consultants works with, this is the big year after mostly staying safer at home last year. Are you ready to socialize again? For many people who have suffered a stroke, brain injury, or progressive illness, holiday gatherings can be hard if they struggle to speak and communicate clearly. Here are a few ways that working with a speech therapist can make these family gatherings a little more fun for everyone!

Speech Therapy Boosts Short-Term Memory

Many people don’t realize it, but a skilled speech therapist in NJ can help you with short-term memory and concentration issues that can interfere with conversations. This may involve specific tools to learn names, or tricks to make sure you make your point and don’t lose your train of thought.

Improve Understanding

For those with speech production issues, getting words out can be a major challenge. Why talk to family members if they cannot understand you? Speech therapists in New Jersey work with many individuals who have survived brain injuries, strokes, or muscular disorders that interfere with speech. Even if you can’t talk “like you always did,” you can learn effective ways to communicate with those you love most.

Plan and Find Words

For those with neurological damage, including progressive disorders like multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, finding the words you want to say can be the most frustrating part of your day. Even worse, by the time you find the word, you lost your point! A speech therapist in NJ can help you to plan your sentences, find your words, and communicate as effectively as possible.

Ready to chat your family’s ears off at the winter holiday gatherings this year? If speech and conversations are holding you back, call Home Rehab Consultants today to connect with a speech therapist!

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