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If you have pain, you may have noticed that fewer and fewer doctors are willing or able to prescribe narcotic painkillers in Englewood, NJ. Physical therapy has become increasingly popular as a way to manage pain and other physical health conditions, especially if your pain is chronic. Read on to see why!

Narcotics Hurt!
For many people, narcotic painkillers cause pain of their own. Common negative side effects include drowsiness, itchiness, abdominal upset, and “brain fog.” Worse, most opioids must be taken in increasingly higher doses over time to continue to provide the same level of pain relief, which makes their long-term use potentially risky for those with addiction history. For anyone seeking to avoid heavy painkillers, physical therapy in Englewood NJ may be an alternative, or may be a tool that can help you to reduce your painkiller needs. Always consult with your doctor before making any major changes.

Strength, Flexibility, Relief
So, how does physical therapy actually help with pain? Pain is interesting, because only the person in pain can feel it. Physical therapy does not “turn down” the pain signals like painkillers do, but draws on other tools instead. For example, stretches to improve flexibility may help to relieve pain caused by immobility or stiff muscles; core-building exercises may build strength and put less work on your painful body parts, and training your body to move in certain ways may help to relieve pain from common repetitive injuries. Before starting your physical therapy in Englewood NJ, make sure to consult with your medical team for recommendations and clear diagnoses!

With some injuries, there is not complete “recovery.” You may never move like you used to, but you can move better and reach your goals. One element of physical therapy that can be very beneficial in this regard is the option to adapt. If you have lost a limb, physical therapy can help you to use prostheses more easily, or adapt to using other body parts. Experiencing weakness or fatigue? Your skilled physical therapist can’t boost your energy, but we can usually help you find ways to move that are less stressful and less fatiguing. It’s all about using what you have to the best of your abilities.

Ready to explore another option to relieve pain and move better? Call to set up physical therapy in Englewood NJ today! Experts at Home Rehab Consultants can come to your home for decreased exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond!