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People hire speech therapists in Englewood NJ for a variety of different and important reasons. One of the more common problems that people need help with is aphasia, a language disorder that makes it difficult for people to communicate. Read on to find out more about this condition, what causes it, and how a speech therapist in Englewood can help!

Aphasia Basics
Aphasia is a broad term that refers to problems with communication. Typically, it is acquired, meaning you were not born with this problem. Instead, people with aphasia have often suffered from a stroke, brain injury, or a progressive condition such as Alzheimer’s that interferes with speech. Aphasia can affect expressive communication (getting your point across to other people) or receptive communication (understanding what other people are saying). Some people can speak well, but struggle to understand what others tell them; others understand just fine, but cannot get their own thoughts out. Some struggle with both.

Recover Functioning
If you or a loved one is struggling with aphasia, speech therapy can help. One of the most important goals of speech therapy is to help you recover your functioning. This may include learning or re-learning the physical elements of how your jaw, tongue, and lips move together to form words, may involve memory-boosting activities to help you follow conversations, or may include activities to help you speak more clearly. Speech therapists in Englewood work to help you communicate as clearly as possible.

Communicate in New Ways
It is not always possible to recover your old speech functioning. In these cases, you can work with an Englewood speech therapist to learn new ways to communicate. Picture boards, communication apps, and so many other options are available today, and your speech therapist can help you use them.
Don’t wait to regain your ability to communicate! If you struggle with aphasia, speech therapy can help. Call or email your local speech therapist in Englewood NJ today to speak more clearly!