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If you’ve experienced injury, illness, or other loss of mobility in Bergen county, physical therapy might be part of your recovery plan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients say that they are trying to stay safer at home—but how can you stay home when you need your therapy? Fortunately, there are many mobile physical therapy providers who can come right to your house for at-home recovery. Want to make your recovery even better? Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Work with an expert, not the internet! Sure, you’re reading this article and that’s fabulous, but don’t wear yourself out looking up stretches, activities, or other recovery options on your own. Your medical team, including professional physical therapists, will give you the best custom treatment plan to address your specific condition.

2. Find someone who you feel comfortable with. If you’re lucky enough to have a mobile physical therapy provider in NJ, this person will be coming into your home and working very closely with you! Make sure to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. This may involve checking credentials and having a conversation, or may include asking your rehabilitation coordinator to pair you with a certain type of person. For example, some clients prefer a therapist of the same gender.

3. Get clear instructions. Some physical therapy needs arise all on their own, such as recovery from a leg injury. Others, such as stroke or accidents with head injury, can also take a toll on your memory and concentration abilities. Get clear instructions from your physical therapy provider and get them in writing or with pictures whenever you can.

4. Set an alarm. You may think you will remember to practice your physical therapy exercises as often as you should, but real-life experience working with many patients for physical therapy says otherwise! Set an alarm to remind you to do your recovery activities and feel confident that you are working toward recovery.

5. Don’t wait to ask questions! Even if you are getting the best care in Bergen County, physical therapy tools can be difficult to master. Don’t hesitate to call your physical therapist if you have problems with your at-home exercises, if something changes, or if you have any questions. The more your therapist knows, the better they can help you!

Ready to recover? Set up a professional, personalized treatment plan in Bergen County! Physical therapists are waiting for your call and ready to work with you in the comfort of your own home.