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Just thinking of having a stroke is devastating for many people. But if you’ve had a stroke, you don’t want to get stuck feeling down—you need the best speech therapy in Hackensack to help you live your best life. How can speech therapy bring you back to your previous level of function? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Feeding and Swallowing

Many people are surprised to find that they have new difficulties with eating, chewing, drinking, and swallowing after a stroke. Aside from the obvious left-side facial paralysis that many stroke survivors suffer, weakened muscles and problems with signals getting received in your brain can make this everyday task very difficult. Maintain your independence and enjoy normal food when you work with a speech therapist in NJ! Speech therapists aren’t just experts on talking, they are experts on tongue, mouth, and throat positioning, making them uniquely qualified to help you eat your favorite foods again.

  1. Communicate Clearly

Aphasia, or the loss of the ability to speak or produce meaningful words, is a common consequence of stroke. If you can’t form words, express your thoughts, or form a sentence, you may feel trapped and isolated in your own mind. A speech therapist in Hackensack can free you from this trap, helping you learn tools to pronounce words clearly, compose sentences and express them, and find words that seem to escape.

  1. Boost Memory and Cognitive Function

In addition to swallowing and speaking, speech therapists can help you live a better life by working to boost your memory and cognitive function. Activities and exercises can help to regain skills you have lost, or that have declined after stroke.

Even if you are not able to return to your previous level of functioning, a great speech therapist in New Jersey can help you maximize your capabilities and live the best life possible. For the most convenient recovery, work with the speech therapists at Home Rehab Consultants in the comfort of your own home!


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