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When you signed on for physical therapy in Englewood NJ, you likely experienced a nice sense of relief as you got your mobility back in a short timeframe. But what happens when this progress doesn’t happen? Many patients struggle and feel like their physical therapy just isn’t working. Today, we’ll share three common reasons why your PT program isn’t working as expected.

1. Poor communication.
Whether you struggle to communicate your needs, or your physical therapist isn’t very clear, communication is a vital part of physical therapy from start to finish. To start, you must communicate your needs and goals for treatment, and the therapist must share with you what is reasonable, and what might not be achievable. While physical therapy in NJ can provide significant benefits, it can’t fix everything. Throughout your course of physical therapy, regular communication with your physical therapist is vital to discuss pain, problems completing exercises, and to establish new goals.

2. Not making the time to do the exercises, or doing them wrong.
This point is always hard for physical therapists to bring up, because it risks blaming the client. However, research studies show that many people overestimate the time they spend doing exercises, overestimate how often they do them, and many people are performing the therapy activities incorrectly. This usually isn’t for lack of effort! You may find that you struggle with memory or time organization, and lose track of what you are supposed to do. Your physical therapist can help by suggesting additional tools, such as alarm clocks, timers, and visual cues around the house to help you take advantage of treatment. The best providers of physical therapy in Englewood NJ will come to your home to show you how to do exercises correctly.

3. Pushing too hard.
From clients who think that “more physical therapy will heal me faster” to those who just can’t resist their favorite leisure activities, many physical therapy clients actually push too far! It is very frustrating to be told to “take it slow,” especially if you have always been an active and engaged person. Talk with your physical therapist and medical team about limits, and stick to them as long as possible. Remember, taking a little time for yourself pays off in the long run.

If you are working with a skilled provider of physical therapy in Englewood NJ, you should see improvement. If you aren’t seeing the benefits you’d like, make sure to bring it up with your physical therapist! Expert providers like those at Home Rehab Consultants in NJ can find a way to make your treatment work as well as possible.