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An occupational therapist in New Jersey can help you handle “the job of life,” including daily tasks such as hygiene and homecare, mobility and safety, and doing the things you love. For many people, occupational therapy, or OT, is suggested by a physician. Others are gently encouraged by family members who may have noticed the following signs:

Frequent Faller
Falls are one of the leading causes of death and disability. If you or a loved one could be described as a “frequent faller,” it’s already time to seek occupational therapy services in NJ. Even if you have not been injured in a fall (yet), preventing future falls is in your best interest. An OT professional can help you design safety strategies and home modifications to prevent falls.

Decreasing Hygiene
Once a person retires and decreases activity, they may not need a daily shower. Many people slow down on hygiene to some extent, but if you or a loved one are not bathing for weeks on end, not caring for teeth, wearing soiled clothing, or if the house is a safety concern, hygiene has clearly become a problem. An occupational therapist in NJ can help you or your loved one to find the perfect balance of hygiene, and to find tools to make this process easier.

Decreased Independence
If you care for a person with mobility needs, health concerns, or of advanced age, keep an eye on their independence. Is mom calling more often to ask for help with everyday things? Does your aging neighbor call multiple times daily for help with tasks he used to do with ease? When people start to feel their abilities change, they often struggle with decreased independence. An Occupational Therapist in NJ can help people to maintain their independence for as long as possible, while ensuring family and friends that they are safe on their own.

Have you noticed any of these problems in a loved one, or in your own functioning? Don’t wait, get professional occupation therapy services in New Jersey today. Home Rehab Consultants can come right to your home or your loved one’s home to deliver services to protect independence and safe living.