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Many people are familiar with the typical work done in physical therapy. In Englewood, NJ, physical therapists are frequently hired to assist people with moving better and feeling better. But what is it that they actually do? Read on to see 6 common conditions that can be helped when you come to Englewood NJ for physical therapy!

1. Recovery. Physical therapy can help you to recovery from injuries or surgeries so you can heal as well as possible and get back to doing what you used to do.

2. Avoiding Surgery. Some studies have shown that up to 2/3s of patients who chose physical therapy and followed their physician and physical therapist’s recommendations for treatment were able to avoid certain surgeries! Many common health conditions including certain back problems, meniscus tears, and carpal tunnel syndrome respond very well to PT, so don’t schedule that surgery without consulting your medical team!

3. Prepare for Surgery. Okay, so maybe your health condition is not one that is greatly improved with physical therapy alone. In Englewood, NJ, physical therapists work with you before surgery to maximize your range of motion and prepare you for your best recovery.

4. Reduce Pain Naturally. Avoid the opiates and see how the science of movement can reduce your pain. Carefully prescribed stretches, movements, and adjustments to your routine can greatly reduce pain, reducing your need for stronger medications.

5. Stay Standing! Falls are a risk for older adults, those with other physical health conditions, and the millions of people with vestibular dysfunction. When you visit Englewood physical therapy, you can learn tools to build better balance and reduce falls.

6. Boost Your Sports Performance. If you have had a sports injury, or if you move in ways that increase your risk for a strain, tear, or repetitive stress injury, you won’t play your best game. Working with a skilled physical therapist can help you recovery from injury, and in certain cases, can correct repetitive motions that lead to future injury.

Are any of these conditions affecting your life or mobility? If so, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment for physical therapy in Englewood NJ today! Expert home rehabilitation specialists are ready to meet in the safety and comfort of your own home.