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If you or a loved on has suffered a neurological challenge, there may be a need in the future to meet with an occupational therapist. In Englewood NJ, occupational therapists work to help clients learn the most they can about their condition and regain as much functioning as possible, allowing them to live independent, full lives, even if these lives don’t look quite the way they used to. Read on to see how an occupational therapist in NJ can improve your quality of life!

What is Neurological Rehab?
A neurological problem affects the brain and spine. Those who have suffered injuries, such as a fall with a head hit, motor vehicle accident with spinal cord damage, or victims of assault often show neurological signs. Additionally, neurological problems can be caused by disease, illness, or autoimmune conditions, including heart and circulatory problems, lung problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and so much more! Neurological symptoms often include challenges with speech and speech production, memory and planning, organization, and changes to mood, in addition to problems with the physical body such as bladder and bowel functioning, fatigue, and muscle weakness. Neurological rehabilitation addresses these challenges from a variety of perspectives.

What role does Occupational Therapy play in Neurological Rehab?
If you have suffered a neurological injury or neurological decline, you can see improvement when you seek occupational therapy in Englewood NJ. Your occupational therapist will assess your unique strengths and challenges, and will develop a plan to help you meet your goals. While full functioning may never be what it used to be, the goal of the occupational therapist is to help you live life the way you want to—whether that means completing daily living tasks independently, communicating more clearly, or building memory and planning skills.

If you have had an injury or decline in neurological functioning, don’t suffer endlessly. Hire a skilled occupational therapist in Englewood NJ to help you recover as much functioning as possible, and learn to do what you love again, even if you have to do it differently. In-home occupational therapy services are safer during the COVID-19 pandemic, and allow you to learn new skills right where you’ll use them—in your home. Call today to set up an appointment with an occupational therapist near you!