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When you need a physical therapist in NJ, you want a good one! Like many people who are recovering from illness, injury, or age-related physical mobility decline, you may have noticed that most physical therapists seem pretty similar. But are there signs that you should ditch your PT and find a new physical therapy provider in Englewood? Absolutely—read on to see some unforgivable mistakes!

Physical Therapy in NJ Should Never Be Mean
Physical therapy is hard. Even if you have the world’s best physical therapist, they often make you do things that are difficult, challenging, tiring, or that cause you to feel sore. It’s part of your recovery! But your physical therapist should never be mean to you. Name-calling, demeaning statements, or putting you down should never be tolerated. Don’t just find a new PT—call and let the physical therapy organization in charge know what that person has done so they don’t do it to someone else.

Your Physical Therapist Should Always Know Your History
An excellent physical therapist in Bergen County will know your medical and treatment history, as it relates to your physical therapy needs. While they won’t memorize these word-for-word, if your PT provider has not done their homework and reviewed your records, you need to find a provider with more time and better priorities.

Good PT Providers in NJ Respect Your Privacy
Physical therapy is very personal, and when you hire an in-home physical therapist, they come into your most intimate spaces. Respect for your privacy is a must! A provider who gossips about you to other clients, who does not protect your health information, or who snoops around your home should be replaced immediately.

All it takes is one bad rehab professional to turn people away from valuable recovery and rehabilitation services. For a physical therapy provider you can trust, call the expert physical therapists at Home Rehab Consultants today!