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If you have chronic health issues, or if you have recently suffered an injury or stroke that has stolen your mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find yourself struggling to get around. Even worse, many patients report that their regular physical therapy sessions have been cancelled, or moved to telehealth during the pandemic. How can you maintain your physical therapy progress and move easier? With in-home physical therapy services in Bergen County! Read on to see why in-home therapy helps you move easier.

Getting Out Is Hard and Risky!
Getting out of the house is a risk for anyone these days, but for those who suffer from chronic health conditions, heart or lung disease, or immune disorders, going out can pose significant health risks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may find that you have lost mobility over the past few months, especially if you live in an area where telehealth services are spotty and dependent on mobile internet connection—or, if you struggle with sensory loss such as blindness or declining vision. Even though going out is a challenge, you don’t need to put your recovery on hold! If you live in Bergen county, physical therapy and other rehab options are available from the safety of your own home.

Are You Safe Spending More Time At Home?
Speaking of your home, are you spending far more in it than you used to? For those who didn’t spend much time at home in the past, you may not have noticed how hard the stairs are to climb, how difficult it is to use appliances, or that things are harder to reach. Your house probably hasn’t changed that much—but your mobility may have! If you have experienced a change in mobility, physical therapy can help you to regain your skills and enjoy your home to its maximum.

Make the Most of Your Recovery
All pandemics aside, life must go on! For many people, life involves some ups and downs, including setbacks like surgeries, injuries, or health exacerbations like strokes. How can you recover the fastest and most effectively? By following your doctor’s orders, including spending time on physical therapy and at-home rehab. Make this even easier when you have in-home physical therapy services in Bergen County! You’re stuck at home all day, why not work with physical therapists who can help you make the most of the time. By the end of the pandemic, we hope you’ll be able to move confidently inside and outside of your home!

If you live in Bergen County, physical therapy doesn’t just have to happen at the hospital or doctor’s office. You can bring it right into your home when you work with expert therapists like the ones at Home Rehab Consultants! Call today to jumpstart your recovery.