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Dementia is a serious problem facing our community elders, and speech therapists in Englewood NJ know that dementia and communication problems go hand-in-hand. For many people, dementia robs them slowly of the things they used to love and enjoy, often including their ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Worse, when communication becomes too burdensome, many people with dementia will decline more quickly, as memories fade more quickly and daily life becomes more difficult. Read on to find out some common ways that dementia and communication affect one another, and how skilled speech therapists in Englewood can help!

Memory and Attention
The hallmark of early dementia includes notable changes to memory; alongside this challenge, people in the earlier stages of dementia often struggle to focus and pay attention. Speech therapists can work with you or your loved one to practice skills and tools to build up your memory and attention capabilities, helping the best memories stick around, and helping your loved one to be able to follow conversations, read books, and enjoy movies and TV.

Problem Solving
Dementia takes its toll on problem-solving, leading many community elders to need assistance in daily living. Speech therapy can be an important part of maintaining your problem-solving skills. When you begin to lose the language, your ability to organize and interact with the world can decline. Keep these skills strong as long as possible when you work with a speech therapist in NJ.

Mood and Outlook
While a positive mood will not halt the progression of dementia, a poor mood and negative outlook could worsen symptoms—both of dementia, and of other health conditions. Don’t give up, and don’t let your loved one give up! Bring back enjoyment and confidence when you help your loved one to connect with effective speech therapy. In Englewood NJ, many speech therapists are available virtually, or for in-home services, making this option very convenient and flexible.

If you have lost your speaking ability due to dementia, or if your ability to communicate like you used to has changed for any reason at all, don’t suffer in silence. Let expert speech therapists from Home Rehab Consultants in NJ bring the speech services you need right to your home!