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Adjusting to life after a brain injury is a daunting task, but the best speech and occupational therapists in NJ can help. Brain injuries are a unique sort of injury that doesn’t just hurt, it can silence its victims, confuse them, lock them away from others. Unlike other injuries, those with brain injuries are more likely to need significant support from the moment of injury—and science hasn’t yet provided us with replacement parts for brains. That’s why your recovery needs to start as soon as possible, including a variety of professionals. See how home rehabilitation services in NJ can help you recover from brain injury.

Speech Therapists in NJ Help Brain Injury Survivors Express Themselves
One of the most frustrating complications of brain injury is speech problems. This can include complete and total aphasia, or not being able to produce speech at all, to problems finding words, to problems getting words out, such as stuttering or problems making certain sounds. When you can’t communicate like you used to, the world can be frightening. You may feel hopeless. A speech therapist in Bergen County can help you to get those words out, to make sounds differently, and to embrace technological options that may help.

Stay Independent With Help From Occupational Therapists in NJ
Not only will your home rehab specialist help you to speak, an occupational therapist in NJ can help you maintain your independence. Dealing with “the work of living,” occupational therapists can help you with everyday tasks like dressing yourself, maintaining hygiene, keeping up with the home, and promoting safety. If you’re determined to maintain your privacy, age in place, or get by on your own, OT can help.

How Home Rehab Services in Englewood Improve Your Memory
For many people with brain injuries, memory is the biggest problem. Some rehab services may help you to build new memory tools, strengthening your “memory muscle” to improve functioning. Your speech or occupational therapist in NJ can also work with you to develop structures and supports to boost memory—as simple as a pill box, or as complicated as planning and managing your budget.

Don’t let a brain injury ruin your life—call the Home Rehab Consultants in Englewood for speech, physical, and occupational therapy today!