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If you’ve been in a rehabilitation facility after an accident, surgery, or illness, you probably can’t wait to go home. But what if your mobility isn’t where it used to be? Following with a physical therapy specialist in NJ once you’re out of rehabilitation could be the key to a faster and healthier recovery. Keep reading to see why you should set up physical therapy services before you leave the rehab facility!

Moving Sooner Improves Recovery—Move Safely with Physical Therapy
As much as rest helps, movement can help more. Physical therapists in NJ and doctors across the world know that even if it hurts, it often speeds up your recovery if you start moving around sooner. This is true for those who have been injured in accidents, those who have had planned surgeries, and those recovering from severe illness. Human bodies were built to move, and physical therapy can help you move safely once you come home from the rehab facility.

Continue Your Rehab Progress with In-Home Physical Therapy Services
Most rehabilitation hospitals have on-site physical therapists who start your journey back to independence. Don’t let this work go to waste—just like when you learned the multiplication tables in elementary school, you’ve got homework! Practicing your physical therapy exercises and adapting these during your recovery is so important. You need an in-home physical therapist who can guide you through the long tail end of recovery. Even a simple sprained ankle or broken toe can take up to six months to heal, so have a professional ready to advise when you need it most!

Physical Therapists Near Your Improve Quality of Life
For those who live alone with little social support, an in-home physical therapist can improve your quality of life in more than one way. Not only will your rehab professional give you the best evidence-based physical therapy techniques, they will be a part of your social recovery, checking in on you during your sessions and serving as an additional resource during your recovery.
There’s so much to set up when you’re going through rehabilitation—call the experts at HRC today and our administrative staff can help you through the scheduling and authorizations for your physical therapy in NJ.