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Pain is one of the most limiting conditions that people face today. Fortunately, physical therapy in Englewood can help you move better, and can even be a part of your total pain management plan. If you’re in pain, keep reading to see why physical therapy services may be right for you!

Physical Therapists in NJ Reduce Painkiller Use
It’s not news anymore—chronic opioid painkillers are on the way out! After decades of prescribing lots of these narcotic painkillers, medical professionals have come to realize that they often have more side effects than benefits. If your pain medications cause you to feel drowsy, dizzy, foggy, or confused, or if you have a risk of addiction, you may find that reducing those pain medications and working with your pain management team on an appropriate course of physical therapy can work wonders.

Move Easier with Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
So how does in-home physical therapy in New Jersey help you to feel less pain? Your physical therapist will help you to move better, with activities such as strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion, or correcting poor posture or maladaptive movements. When your body moves the right way, it’s like driving a car that is well-aligned—all the parts and pieces move like they’re supposed to instead of rubbing against each other or straining. Sometimes, movement itself can help to reduce pain.

Schedule In-Home Physical Therapy Near You
Many people with mobility limitations are reluctant to start a physical therapy program, because they’ll have to leave the house, manage pain outside in the world, and move around a lot more than they would like. Avoid these limitations and schedule in-home physical therapy in Bergen County! In-home PT is easy to schedule, convenient, and doesn’t require you to find or pay for transportation.

The best physical therapists in NJ are waiting to help you move better. Call the Home Rehab Consultants today to find a physical therapist near you!