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If you’ve had a stroke, you should make sure that finding occupational therapy in NJ is one of the first things you do! This can be frustrating, as your medical team likely has a list of tasks for you to follow-up with, and you have probably missed much of your regular life while in the hospital.

However, occupational therapy should be one of the first parts of your recovery. Here’s why.

Occupational Therapy Gets You Moving

After a stroke, you probably want nothing more than to rest! Your body has been through a lot—however, staying active is better for your overall health once you’ve been cleared by your treatment team. Once your doctors say you can be up and moving about the house, you need to be doing so, and what better way to get started than by working with a great occupational therapist!

Hold Onto Independence

One of many people’s biggest fears about having a stroke is the risk of losing your independence. From bathing independently to living alone, a stoke can cause you to lose many things you once held dear. Working with a skilled occupational therapist in NJ can help you maximize this independence, all while staying safe. This may mean that your adult children can go back home (and stop worrying over you!), or could mean the difference between aging in place and seeking a retirement community.

Mental Boosts Help Confidence

Even when you don’t feel like socializing, talking to other people usually boosts your mood. It’s how humans were made! So even if you aren’t really in the mood for occupational therapy, when your occupational therapist visits, you might see your mood increase. Even more, when you set and accomplish goals, your mood improves—so whether it’s walking across the house, cooking a meal, or dressing yourself independently, you and your OT professional will set goal and work toward them for your success.

Occupational therapy is just one of many tools for success you will encounter during your recovery! Bring your occupational therapist right into your home in NJ with in-home occupational therapy services from Home Rehab Consultants.

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