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Right in the center of your body are your hips—and if one breaks, you need a plan for occupational therapy services! NJ’s best occupational therapists work hard to get their clients moving, including nearly half a million people in the US each year who have hip replacements! Keep reading to see what an occupational therapist can help with after hip replacement!

Bending Can Be Dangerous—Get Dressed Safely with OT

After your hip has been replaced, you need to plan for a couple of months of healing—during which your ability to bend or cross your legs is severely limited! How do you put on shoes and socks—or even pants? If you love your independence, working with an occupational therapist can help you maintain it safely.

Care for Your Home Independently with Occupational Therapy

Bending is required all over the house, but mainly for tasks like cleaning, washing dishes, and ironing. Your occupational therapist will help you learn how to do these tasks safely, or how to use accommodative technology to make it easier. If you have other activities that you want to do, always talk with your OT about them—our goal is to help you do the work of living, including self and home care, hobbies, and daily activities.

Move Better and Sooner with In-Home Occupational Therapists in NJ

The more you move your body, the healthier it is. But if you’ve been injured or had a hip replacement, you may not be sure how you can move safely. In coordination with your medical team and physical therapist, your occupational therapist can help you get moving and build up strength earlier.
After hip surgery, it may seem like your life will never be the same. Fight back against limitations with New Jersey’s best occupational therapists from the Home Rehab Consultants. We’ll have you up, down, bending, and moving all around as you do what you love most!