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If you have had a stroke, you may be worried about how to continue to live independently. Fortunately, physical and occupational therapy in Englewood, NJ, can help you to maintain the life and independence you love. Keep reading to find out how at-home rehabilitation services are a part of your recovery plan.

Physical Therapy and Stroke Recovery
After a stroke, many people struggle with weakness, often on the left-hand side of their body. This is often visible on the person’s face, and can also affect walking and use of the left hand. For those who are left-handed to begin with, a stroke can severely limit your mobility. A physical therapist will usually work with you in the hospital to help you master basic tasks like walking safety, but ongoing physical therapy in NJ will restore as much mobility as possible, as well as helping you to adapt to any permanent limitations.

How Occupational Therapy Helps After Stroke
Physical therapy helps you to move better, such as improving mobility, building strength, increasing range of motion, and sometimes reducing pain. Occupational therapy helps you to do the work of living, including the physical motion, mental planning and memory, and use of adaptive tools. Your occupational therapist may work on tools to boost memory, planning and using schedules to keep up with hygiene routines or homecare tasks, or may teach you how to use tools such as a wheelchair.

How to Find OT and PT in New Jersey
Wondering if OT or PT in New Jersey could help you? Check with your doctor. Your primary care team, or specialist team after stroke, can help you to determine what services you need. Once you decide on a rehabilitation service, your medical team will coordinate with your in-home rehab team to plan your recovery. You can choose your rehab specialists, but your doctors guide your treatment plan.

The Home Rehab Consultants in NJ have helped hundreds of stroke survivors through their recovery, and we can do the same for you! Call today to get started with physical and occupational therapy.