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If you or a loved one have had a stroke, life probably looks a little different. Occupational therapists in New Jersey know that everyday activities can seem impossible after a stroke has occurred, but there are things that can help. Keep reading to see why an occupational therapist in Bergen Country should be a part of your stroke recovery plan.

Occupational Therapists Help You Live Independently
Have you always hoped to age in place? Is your independence and ability to maintain your own home one of the most important factors in your plans? For many stroke survivors, this is one of the most pressing and important concerns. Occupational therapists can help you live independently by working with you on adaptive, or daily living skills. This may include finding a way to manage your pillbox, tools to accommodate fatigue, or structures to accommodate memory challenges. We help you with the “work of life,” which can include anything from basic hygiene to preparing your favorite meal again.

Worry Less With Help From Occupational Therapists in Englewood
If you have an aging parent or other loved one who has survived a stroke or fall, occupational therapy in Englewood can help you rest more easily. Your loved one’s future may seem grim after the stroke, and you may not know what all your options are. An occupational therapist can help you and your loved one determine how realistic plans for independent living are, and can work on alternative support systems such as home care or personal care services in addition to improving independence. You don’t have to this alone.

How to Start Working with an Occupational Therapist in Bergen County
How can you set up occupational therapy services in Englewood after a stroke? Start by talking to your medical team, including your surgeon, heart specialist, or primary care provider. They may need to prescribe this course of treatment so your health insurance covers it, and must be informed in your course of care in general so you get the best recovery. In-home occupational therapy is best, as it helps you learn skills in your home, where you need them. When you work with the Home Rehab Consultants in Englewood, we can help with the admin needs—just give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process.

Nobody plans to have a stroke, but the next plans you make can be very important. Start your recovery as soon as possible, in the comfort of your own home, when you work with the Home Rehab Consultants!