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If you’ve suffered an injury, illness, or live with a progressive condition, your doctor may have prescribed physical therapy. In New Jersey, you have plenty of options for where to visit your physical therapist, including at a hospital, at a special physical therapy office, or even in your own home. The team at Home Rehab Consultants knows that you are often safer at home, and in-home physical therapy services in New Jersey make life so much easier! Here are some of our favorite benefits of in-home rehabilitation services.

  1. Conserve Your Time and Energy

If you live with mobility limitations, you may feel like you get just a tiny spoonful of energy to use each day, and your time may be taken up with treatments, doctor visits, and taking longer on everyday tasks. That’s why having a physical therapist visit you at home for physical therapy services in NJ is a smart idea! You save time since you don’t have to travel and give yourself some of that valuable energy back.

  1. Stay Safer from Viruses and Accidents

While we’re all glad to be past the “safer at home” phase, you really are safer when you stay closer to home. Ongoing surges of the COVID-19 viruses, seasonal flu, and pneumonia are much less likely to contract in your own home! Even more, staying home allows you to recover with a lower risk of falling on winter ice or getting into a motor vehicle accident.

  1. Learn in Your Usual Setting

The final reason why in-home physical therapy services in NJ are so important is because these allows you to learn in your normal setting. Your physical therapist will teach you important movements, stretches, and exercises and ensure you know how to do them correctly for “homework.” This is even easier at home, because your PT professional will be able to customize your recovery to your own home.

Ready to start recovering mobility and functioning at your best? The in-home physical therapists at New Jersey’s Home Rehab Consultants are ready to help!